The Must-Read Articles for Talent Professionals This Week

According to survey research from LinkedIn, over half of LGBTQ+ professionals don’t feel comfortable showing their full identity at work. What’s more, 74% of respondents feel they need to “code-switch” — the practice of adjusting your style of speech, appearance, behavior, or expression to reflect the norms of a dominant group — to avoid being negatively stereotyped.

As many companies roll out Pride Month initiatives and events this June, leaders should take the time to reflect on this data. What can they do to truly make an impact for LGBTQ+ workers this Pride Month — and beyond?

“My suggestion for our nation’s CEOs is this,” writes Erin Uritus, CEO of the nonprofit Out & Equal, in a recent article for Fast Company. “Do something you can really, truly be proud of. Forget the noise and the nonsense, and instead take action based on your vision and your values.”

What could this look like? Erin points to the well-known ice cream company, Ben & Jerry’s, as a leader in walking the walk and forward-thinking when it comes to supporting LGBTQ+ workers. “In 1989,” she writes, “when 69% of Americans opposed marriage equality, Ben & Jerry’s offered health insurance to same-sex partners of their employees. . . . By 2015, when the ice cream company submitted an amicus brief to the U.S. Supreme Court in support of marriage equality nationwide, they were joined by 30 other companies. And today — despite these actions or, more likely, because of them — Ben & Jerry’s remains among the best-selling ice cream brands in the country.”

To learn more, be sure to check out the Fast Company article at the top of our list below of must-read articles for talent professionals. And further down our list, you can also find out how to make the case to company leaders for supporting employer branding initiatives; how GAI can make you a better recruiter; and why building rapport among coworkers should be a priority for HR professionals.

Here are the must-read articles from this week:

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5. Beyond Basic Prompts: How GAI Can Help Make You a Better Recruiter (LinkedIn Talent Blog)

6. L&D Pros Report Median $100K Salary and Say Work Is Part of Their Identity (HR Dive)

7. Workplace Flexibility Is the Most Used, Wanted Benefit Among Caregivers: AARP (The Hill)

8. Why L&D Pros Shouldn’t Forget That Learning Is Hard (Jess Almlie on LinkedIn)

9. Relationship Challenges at Work: 3 Steps for Building Rapport (Undercover Recruiter)

10. If AI Can Do Your Job, Maybe It Can Also Replace Your CEO (The New York Times)

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