We have been supplying contractors to our clients since 2000, and have an array
of experience in this area. We have a large number of contractors running across a wide variety
of financial institutions, retail, healthcare and travel companies.

When it comes to contracting, we consider ourselves to be a knowledgeable and expert partner for both clients and contractors.
Some of the key aspects of our contracting service include:

Project Management

Multiple Business/Technical  areas

Business Analysis

Multiple Business/Technical  areas

Risk IT & Risk Business

Multiple Business/Technical  areas


Java/c#/C++ (multiple levels and business areas)
Cloud/Big Data


Java/C#/C++ – Multiple levels,
Business areas,
Asset Classes, including Quant/RAD/Front/Backend/Web development

Infrastructure Disciplines

 Architecture Engineering and Production Support
Storage SA
Windows SA
Web Middleware SA


Test Management
Testing – Multiple Business/Technical areas


Application (technical and non-technical over multiple business areas)

Scope A T have been supplying contractors for over 15 years, and in that time have built up a thorough knowledge of the regulatory environment that it is necessary to work with. From AWR to IR35, through to the new Inland Revenue reporting requirements, we are in a position to offer our Clients and Contractors expert advice.

We have been a member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) for over 15 years, and we consult them regularly over new and current legislation. Our contracts are REC approved contracts, and ensure, once again that we are up to date in terms of legislation.

In addition, we achieved REC audited status in 2012, which is an indication that all our internal processes have been externally examined and have proved to be robust, thorough and in line with current legislation.

We regularly walk our contractors through the setting up of a Limited Company through which they can contract their services. We advise on which accountants are available, what contracts are applicable, and all the varying questions that come up from a legal and regulatory perspective.

Prompt Contractor payment is a key part of our service offering. If there are any queries on an invoice received, we will respond immediately, and once we receive a valid invoice, we make payment within 5 days. It is testament to our accounts function that we very rarely have a Contractor phone us asking for payment, or asking when payment is due.