Our fundamental raw product is energy. Everyone is encouraged to bring an abundance of energy with them to work on a daily basis. This translates into a truly dynamic internal environment, leading to outstanding levels of achievement in all the key areas of recruitment, client knowledge, candidate knowledge, networking, fact finding, phoning, emailing. In short, “making things happen” for our client and candidate base.


We keep everything as simple as we possible can. Whilst focussing on continually improving what we do, we are careful not to adopt new practices just for the sake of it.
This concept underpins everything we do.


We have been established since 2000, and through all the inevitable ups, downs, victories, challenges, good and bad, we continue to maintain (and forge new) strong and reliable bonds of professionalism and friendship with our clients and candidates. If you want to hire or be hired, we aim to be your reliable partner, offering transparent advice and a truly dynamic service, to facilitate your desired outcome.


Our aim is to keep our candidates and contractors 100% satisfied with every aspect of our service from the initial introductory phone call right through to successful placement. We are drilled into keeping everyone informed throughout the entire process. Everything we do is aimed at getting as close to that 100% satisfaction mark, which is the key ingredient of long-term relationships.


Each of our Consultants is trained within a different niche market, making them true Subject Matter Experts in their field. They are supported by a Database which has been built up over a 15 year period, and are encouraged to Network vigorously within their niche market, so that they become the SME within their field. This expertise adds significant value to our clients and candidates, as our consultants are able to successfully place more people..