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As a bright, driven Graduate with plenty of career options, you’ll be asking yourself these three questions about Scope AT:

  • Is Scope AT the best place for my career and earnings potential?
  • Will I enjoy my role and be proud of the work I do at Scope AT?
  • Am I right for the Scope AT team?


Your career progression at Scope AT – and your route to high earnings – will be swifter than almost any other career choice you make. The reason for our offer being so good is all about size and markets. Our clients are the largest, most profitable companies on the planet. They are the leaders in finance, and household names. And the talent we supply these brands in Finance Technology (FinTech) are in high demand and command high salaries.

On the flip side of our client’s size, is our size. We are a boutique agency with several offices, a successful 16-year track record with a healthy turnover. So, what does this all mean for you? Well, our size means we can afford to invest in our managers’ time, in developing you and to offer an industry-leading commission scheme. Possible, in part, because our overheads are lower. When we say your OTE in the second year will be a high 5 to 6 figure salary, we mean it.

Of course, accomplishing the skills to earn such a good income so quickly requires effort on your part and training and support from us. The training and development you’ll receive from day one will continue throughout your career but will be most intense at the beginning, with formal training through the highly respected training consultancy Vi International

As you develop, you’ll be given more freedom and autonomy, but you’ll always have a manager to guide, inspire and coach you. After your third year, you could be running your own desk in one of the new tech sectors we are planning or helping build new office locations in Amsterdam Dublin, Frankfurt, New York and elsewhere.


We’ve gone to great lengths to make work at Scope AT challenging but rewarding, demanding but supportive. The team is always on hand to share your celebration and help with the setbacks and rejection that comes with the territory.

Our social life is very important to us and everyone enjoys Friday drinks in one of the beautiful Thames-side pubs and bars we have in Richmond. Team nights out also include go-karting, pub quiz, football and rounders in the summer.

Also, you’ll be proud of the work you do; you’ll be dealing with some of the most respected department heads in finance and technology. The role you perform, supplying the best talent to fuel their growth in FinTech, is shaping the modern world.

And the way we operate is, ‘high standards, your way’. We believe you’ll perform at your best if you are encouraged to meet high standards but in a way that matches your personality and strengths.

For example, if you want to be the market guru who knows everyone and everything about FinTech, great. But if you are more of a relationship builder, taking time to understand the personal drivers of your clients and candidates, then that works too.


As you’ve read above, we accept a diverse range of backgrounds; Scope AT is full of great, independent-minded and ambitious consultants.

The people who succeed at Scope AT are driven by hitting targets and goals, and who will work hard in the face of challenges and setbacks. We prefer applicants to have one year’s commercial experience, preferably including some sales activity, but fresh Graduates are welcome too. A University education is not always essential.

So, if you have these characteristics, and you are a natural communicator, we can develop you into a Scope AT consultant and offer you a fast-paced career.

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