The Must-Read Articles for Talent Professionals This Week

If you or your team are struggling with burnout, research often suggests that a solution is to take more time off. In response to these findings, many companies have even overhauled their vacation policies.

But what if the issue is a matter of culture, not policy?

As Fast Company notes in a recent article, a Harris Poll survey of U.S. workers found that “employees not only struggle to ask for time off, but often feel guilty when they do.” Although 83% of those surveyed are happy with their company’s vacation policy, 78% of respondents don’t actually take all the days they’re offered.

So what’s with the disconnect? Respondents gave a variety of reasons, including that they often end up working on vacation days anyway; that managers aren’t leading by example when it comes to disconnecting from work; and that they’re just plain afraid to ask for time off.

To learn more about the survey — including what some workers are unofficially doing to rest up (spoiler: people are getting very good at pretending to work) — be sure to check out Fast Company’s piece atop our list below of must-read articles for talent professionals.

And further down our list, you can also find out why many companies are hiring fewer recent college graduates than in years past; how recruiters can use existing GAI tools right now to make their jobs easier; and why older Venezuelans are increasingly turning to gig work.

Here are the must-read articles from this week:

1. Your Employees Are Afraid to Take PTO, But a Third Are Playing Hooky from Work Anyway (Fast Company)

2. Companies Want Fewer Grad Hires This Year (The Wall Street Journal)

3. Has HR Changed Enough to Merit a Rebrand? (Stacey Nordwall on LinkedIn)

4. Hooked on Talent Density (Shannon Anderson on LinkedIn)

5. All Talk, No Action: Moving Beyond the Hype of AI and Recruiting (Talent Leadership Insights)

6. The Workers and Industries with the Highest InMail Response Rates (LinkedIn Talent Blog)

7. If Feedback Is Hard to Hear, Sometimes It’s Because It Contains a Grain of Truth (Wes Kao on LinkedIn)

8. Customer Service Staff Hired at HMRC — Without Speaking to a Human (MSN)

9. Amid Economic Collapse, Older Venezuelans Turn to Gig Work (Rest of World)

10. 20 Best Training and Development Books Recommended by Experts (Synthesia)

Here is the must-listen podcast:

The Evolution of Social Mission with Vincent Stanley, Patagonia’s Director of Philosophy (From the Ground Up)