Why train your recruitment staff

Another reason training makes sense is that, depending on the type of training, there are schemes whereby your organisation can access funding to pay for all or part of the cost.
These benefits apply across the board for all industries of course, not just those in the recruitment sector. However, a range of specialist qualifications is available for recruiters, which bring tangible benefits specifically for those in the industry.
Specialist qualifications for recruiters The Level 2 Recruitment Resourcer qualification is a candidate-focused course designed for Resourcers or Account Managers within recruitment agencies. It is also suitable for Internal Recruiters/Talent Acquisition Specialists within client organisations.
The Level 3 Recruitment Consultant is aimed at recruitment consultants, both those who are new to the industry and existing, experienced members of staff. Focussing on the entire recruitment cycle, the course covers candidate search and selection, business development and negotiating terms of sale.
Recognised qualifications The Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications are recognised across the recruitment industry. At the end of each of these programmes, successful learners are awarded letters after their name (Cert RR or CertRP). This provides worthwhile credibility when it comes to business development. It is also especially useful when pitching for Preferred Supplier Lists (PSLs), and for resourcers it can be helpful in gaining candidate exclusivity. Possessing an industry accredited delivery team could prove useful when tendering for Master Vendor Agreements and RPOs.
Specialist management training for recruiters Management training is now available geared towards managers working in recruitment agencies or in-house as a manager.
Management training for recruiters improves the capabilities of both new-in-post managers and experienced senior managers within the recruitment industry. Managers will be better qualified to lead, motivate and inspire, whilst driving better results for the business or organisation. Training that is accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) is recognised both nationally and internationally.
Boost staff confidence
A new qualification brings with it increased confidence when doing day-to-day business.

Solvo Vir is a specialist training provider based near Manchester. Its training team recently helped recruiter Stephanie Williams of Connex Education to pass the Level 2 Recruitment Resourcer qualification.

Stephanie says: “Completing my apprenticeship training has given me more confidence and a sense of achievement. Not only am I able to show clients that I have a thorough understanding of the industry, I now hold a qualification that has broadened my knowledge – which can only benefit my company.”
Andrew Callum of MSS People also successfully completed the Level 2 qualification with Solvo Vir and said afterwards: “There are several benefits to having a formal, relevant qualification and being recognised as an expert. It will give me added gravitas on LinkedIn and when talking to clients, as well as amongst my peers.”
Endorsing existing knowledge Undertaking a training course is also an opportunity for staff to formalise their existing knowledge. For Andrew Callum, this was one of the reasons he wanted to do the training. He says: “After over five years in the recruitment industry I was keen to get a deeper understanding of the processes involved and to formalise the knowledge I had already gained through hands-on experience.”
When training is delivered in-person by coaches who themselves have legitimate working experience of the recruitment industry, it takes learning to a new level. Trainers with first-hand appreciation of the job’s unpredictable and fast-paced nature can bring practical, real-life examples to bear, and they are qualified to relate more effectively with their learners and their learners’ businesses.
Make use of government subsidies and funding The fact that there are now new ways to fund training is another reason to consider upskilling your staff.
If your business or organisation has an annual salary bill of over £3m then you will have been paying the Apprenticeship Levy for nearly a year. Delivered as apprenticeships, The Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications for recruiters can be paid for using levy funds, which get a 10% government top-up. So, depending on the size of your fund, you might not have to dip into a separate training budget at all. The Level 5 Management qualification for recruiters is also classed as an apprenticeship and therefore eligible for total or partial funding.
Smaller businesses that don’t pay the levy can claim a 90% subsidy against the cost of training, under the government co-funding arrangement.
Choosing a specialist recruitment training provider Solvo Vir is a national training provider and REC business partner. With extensive expertise in the recruitment sector, Solvo Vir is approved to deliver training that is funded under the apprenticeship scheme.
Solvo Vir’s trainers all have industry experience, which means they bring real-life, practical examples to bear during coaching sessions. Solvo Vir’s recruitment-focussed management training includes workshops with industry insider, Ian Knowlson.
Get in touch to find out more about the benefits of training recruitment staff and managers, and for free, no-obligation advice on apprenticeship levy funding.