Voyager Recruitment Software announces new candidate engagement app Temp Ninja

Temp Ninja is the ultimate mobile app which enables the recruiter to increase engagement with their temporary workforce and ease the recruitment process. Candidates can plan and update their availability, accept, view and reject jobs and instantly check the location of a job with the built-in map functionality.
You can also message your 'temp ninjas' directly through the app. However, the recruiter must initiate the chat first, therefore saving you time by only communicating with the candidate's you want to place. Candidates are unable to use the app until you've invited them, again allowing you to filter out the best temps and helping you beat the competition by placing your best temps first.
Send and confirm job offers to individuals or several candidates at once with just the click of a button. All communication through the app is then synced instantly within your Voyager CRM in real-time. It's that simple.
Temp Ninja can help you save time, reduce admin, increase engagement and make more placements. Also, from only 20p per user per month (for over 10,000 users or 30p per user per month for up to 10,000 users), it will help you to significantly save on calls and texts.
It's time to say good bye to the frustrating endless calls, trying to chase candidates to confirm their availability and job interest. Instead, manage more bookings with ease and allow the technology to do the hard work.
This uber easy-to-use app can also be fully branded to meet your requirements and suit your workforce.
Temp Ninja is exclusively for Voyager Software customers, as it fully integrates with their Voyager Infinity and VDQ! Products.
Are you ready to become a Recruiting Ninja? If so, contact Voyager Software for further details. We'd love to help and advise you on how we can ease your recruitment processes.
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