Voyager Infinity helps recruiters manage compliance under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

When you take the car to the station, there are two options. Pay for car parking or just wait for the next ticket on your windscreen. You might get away without buying a ticket a few times but you’re almost certainly going to end up out-of-pocket if you choose to take that chance.
The point of any fine is to be disproportionate to the cost of complying with the rules. It wouldn’t be much of a deterrent otherwise, and arguably something that was lacking from the outgoing Data Protection Act. So, logic suggests it’s better to make a small investment in a tool to help compliance rather than risk the fine.
The latest release of Voyager Infinity includes a suite of GDPR related features to help recruiters manage compliance of the GDPR efficiently, transparently and thoroughly. Even better, these features are included at no extra cost to all Voyager Infinity customers. And so, Free parking (within the bays) means no parking fines!
Features include a Privacy Audit console to centrally view the status of data privacy processes. Recruiters can see if they’ve not sent out a consent request. Or if they’ve not sent out a copy of the Privacy Policy for a verbally consented candidate. Or even if they’re using legitimate interest as the lawful basis and haven’t sent a privacy statement yet.
Transparency is one of the key mantras of the GDPR and it’s important for any business to demonstrate it’s taking on its responsibility. Employers are also taking steps to ensure their recruitment partners are taking it seriously so it’s also important for the preferred supplier list.
GDPR compliance goes right through the ‘DNA’ of Voyager Infinity with recruiters and managers able to see the colour coded Privacy Audit status of candidates in all the important places – for example, on the candidate record itself, on job shortlists, on search lists, etc.
Voyager Infinity puts the recruitment business in control of the data in its hands and in control of managing its own Privacy Policy. Global settings let the recruitment business managers configure the terms of their privacy policy and then monitor against it. But at the heart of everything Voyager does is the customer. That’s why it’s all configurable and down to each customer to use as they require.
Here’s how Voyager’s Infinity customers are reacting to the latest release:
As a Legal Recruiter it won’t surprise anyone to now that we’ve taken our GDPR obligations seriously. The GDPR privacy audit and designated workflow allows my team to see at a glance, who is within our reach, and those we’re losing touch with. Voyager Infinity, and the FREE GDPR release has given our data a new lease of life and breathed life back into old connections. Derek Pepperell, Director at Grist Legal
“For Links Recruitment the GDPR represents a huge opportunity. We very much look forward to educating our candidates and clients on why we are better placed than ever to deliver on our promises” Daniel Puttick, Director at LINKS Recruitment Group
“SME Recruiters, like Carrington West see it as a great opportunity. Our Software partner have already taken steps which means we’re able to manage both ‘legitimate interest’ and ‘consent’, and so for us the GDPR and our software partner together have given us a genuine competitive edge.”
Nick Rowe, Director at Carrington West
Visit Voyager’s GDPR Hub today to find out more about the GDPR, how it affects every recruitment business and how Voyager Infinity can help reduce the burden and turn the GDPR into a genuine differentiator and opportunity.
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