New Health & Social Care Bill passed

Released on 21 March 2012

The Health and Social Care Bill has this week completed its journey through Parliament and received Royal Assent.

The bill marks a shift in resourcing and procurement in the NHS. Clinical commissioning groups will now take responsibility for up to £60 billion of funds whilst GPs will have a far greater say over the delivery of treatment. There is also the possibility of increased private sector involvement in the NHS as providers strive to deliver a more efficient service.

Gillian Econopouly, the REC's Head of Public Policy, said:

"Whilst some questions remain on how the new structure will work on the ground, the passing of this bill means we can start to plan for the new NHS environment. Agency workers play a key part in providing the flexible, professional service the public expects from the NHS. Our members will continue to work with providers and clinical commissioning groups to provide reliable and cost-effective support to front-line services."

The REC Healthcare Sector Group meeting on 5th April will provide important information on the changing NHS landscape. Speakers include a representative from NHS Employers, who will provide insight into the new forces at play within the NHS.

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