ISV Online offer REC members a New Range of Microsoft Office 2016 Tests

A total of 9 new tests are available to ISV’s customers using their online testing platform. There are 5 tests for Microsoft Word 2016 and 4 for Excel 2016. In a shift from their previous format ISV have developed the tests to cover specific areas of the relevant program, for example formatting, working with tables or basic formulae and functions. This is a change from the former basic, intermediate and advanced format of the Office tests.
Each of the tests is interactive for the candidate and uses a variety of question styles. The instant results allow the recruiter or test administrator to see how the individual has performed as soon as they have completed their exercise or exercises. Candidates can also be compared against each other.
The full range of tests available are:
Microsoft Word 2016: General Understanding and Common Tasks, Formatting, Tables and Illustrations, Document Reviewing and Referencing and Advanced and Specialist Tasks.
Microsoft Excel 2016: General Understand and Common Tasks, Formatting and Reviewing, Formulae and Functions and Working with Data.
Commenting on the new Microsoft Office tests, Managing Director, Amanda Davies said, “Our range of Microsoft Office tests is one of the most popular in our library so it was a natural step to update it for the 2016 version. Switching to test on specific disciplines makes more sense too. This way recruiters and HR teams can get a better understanding of whether the test taker has the relevant knowledge of pivot tables or v-lookups for example”.
The new Microsoft Office 2016 tests add to ISV’s recruitment testing library which already contains over 100 ready to use tests including literacy, numeracy, data entry, driving and aptitude tests.
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