Is IT contract flexibility the secret to retaining top talent?

However, recruiters will need to make savings in other parts of the business in order to reinvest into staff. Reviewing your IT contracts and moving to a flexible one could be the key to make potentially huge cost savings without sacrificing access to systems and applications, data, communications and security.

Here are the factors you should consider:

  • Staff turnover – Varying numbers of staff month-to-month could mean you are paying excess IT costs. A fixed price contract does not take into account reduction in staff or a gap between leavers and joiners and will remain static each month. On a flexible contract you only pay for the staff support, licensing, telephone and mobile contracts for the exact amount of people employed within your organisation. This could amount to huge cost savings over a 12 month period.

  • IT system regret – Ever purchased software or IT support that you regretted? Locked into a 2, 3 even 5 year contract? With flexibility of IT infrastructure, your business can add or remove systems and software when they are needed, retired or replaced saving your business money.

  • Upscale, downscale and M&A – Businesses change size for all sorts of reasons. A flexible IT contract means your business can expand or reduce in size while keeping costs low. In the case of acquisitions, it is often the case that the acquiring company will have their own systems and IT contracts in place. If the selling organisation is on a flexible contract, they are then able to demonstrate easy removal of costs without being locked in, thus increasing the value of the sale.

The secret to retaining talent and creating employee advocates of your brand could lie in your IT contracts. Reduce high IT bills with flexible IT contracts from RedstoneConnect, the REC’s IT partner of choice. Technology efficiencies and reduced operational costs allow recruiters to put more money back into their business, to help retain top talent, grow the business.
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