Gender pay gap reporting is a step in the right direction – REC

Midnight last night was the deadline for companies with 250 or more employees to submit their gender pay gap data to the government and publish it online. Commenting on the first year of what will be an annual requirement, Tom Hadley, director of policy at the Recruitment & Employment Confederation says:

“We are pleased to see employers, including a number of recruitment agencies, submit their gender pay gap reporting ahead of the deadline. Creating more transparency is a good first step to talk about the opportunities available to everyone at work across our whole labour market.

“Moving forward, our members have a key role to play to help clients increase diversity and inclusion, address historic and systemic barriers to progression and opportunity for all and secure more women in senior roles. Something as simple as tweaking the language in a job advert, promoting flexible hours or thinking about where you advertise could have a big impact.”

Commenting on the gender pay gap reporting within the recruitment industry, Tom Hadley added:

“Because the contractors and temporary agency staff recruiters supply are also included in agencies’ reporting, alongside their own employees, it’s difficult to get a clear picture about the state of play for gender balance within our own industry.

“Recruitment itself is an exciting, challenging and fulfilling career where hard-working people can succeed, no matter what their gender or background. We’ll continue to work with members to promote the benefits of working in recruitment and to make our industry a career of choice.”


Notes to editors:

1. Employers with 250 or more “employees” were required to submit data. Who counts as an employee is defined in The Equality Act 2010. This is known as an ‘extended’ definition which includes: employees (those with a contract of employment), workers and agency workers (those with a contract to do work or provide services), some self-employed people (where they have to personally perform the work). We have seen over 100 recruiters who have filed.

2. For more information, contact the REC Press Office on 0207 009 2157/2192 or An ISDN line is available for interviews on 0207 021 0584.

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