GDPR – A force for good

It might be the case that your data is years out of date, clogging up your CRM system, and never revisited. Recruiters rely on having sufficient candidates to fill job vacancies, and in this day and age of shortage of labour, skill and talent, it is imperative you know the most up to date status of candidates.

Yes, you do need to maintain data for HMRC purposes, but only for so many years . Often candidates have moved on, so it’s time you did as well, you may discover some hidden talent! The GDPR (General Data Protection Review) is that opportunity which forces you to review your processes on data storage, and how you will deal with requests to have personal data removed. If you cannot demonstrate to the ICO you have implemented such processes, you may face significant fines.

Some companies are obliged to appoint a Data Protection Officer although not all, but it can be beneficial even if not legally required. Give them all the support they need to deal with breaches of data, or requests to remove data. Directors also have a legal requirement to enforce this legislation, so ensure that your Director’s & Officers cover is in place and has adequate indemnity limits. If you haven’t considered buying Cyber Liability insurance to cover you for cyber/data breaches, cyber extortion as well as other related risks, then it’s highly advised you do so . To help prevent some of these situations from occurring, consider investing in risk management, ensuring your systems are robust and in good order to prevent breaches as far as possible. Criminals are working out new ways of obtaining your data , so what are you doing to protect one of your company’s greatest assets – your data?

Be ready, act now and manage your risks.


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