March/April – important legal updates

The months March-April saw important updates and additions to the Legal Resources page including:

Updated our statutory pay and compensation limits section with new NMW rates, shared parental pay and sickness and guarantee payments for April 2018

Gender pay gap reporting guide available – members are reminded that these reporting obligations will continue year on year

A reminder of the pension increases in April 2018 and 2019

The publication of our March/April Legal bulletin which explores the GDPR and FAQs on NMW and the Gender Pay Gap.

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Why train your recruitment staff

As a recruitment specialist there are many compelling reasons why you should train your staff. Whether you run an in-house recruitment department or an agency, as an employer you benefit from boosted staff morale and engagement when you offer training. Investing in staff leads to improved retention and, when training is integral to your culture, potential new hires see you as a more attractive prospect. Giving your staff recognised qualifications also puts you ahead of the competition. For those in management positions, the ability to lead and motivate can also be fine-tuned with the right training, so that the whole business benefits.

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